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Access to healthcare in the region has become an increasing problem.  Average wait times to see a physician is only getting worse and can take up to 30+ days for a simple scheduled appointment.  Many healthcare issues go untreated.  Technology and healthcare are expanding quickly and at Direct Remedy we are expanding the opportunity for trained providers to use technology to provide better healthcare for everyone.  Learn more about partnering with Direct Remedy and be part of the healthcare future. 

Why Join Direct Remedy?

  • Become a Provider and Earn Top Doctor Payments :
    Direct Remedy is looking for licensed physicians in all medical fields to provide Telehealth care to our members.  As a provider you will earn top payments each time you treat a patient.

  • Flexible Schedules is the Future of Healthcare:
    Direct Remedy is a leader in providing remote Telehealth care using United State based technology and protocols to provide affordable and flexible enhanced care. You as a provider can set your own schedule using our wellness live scheduling tool.  You will enjoy the freedom to treat patients online or on the mobile app on your schedule and at your convince.

  • Increased Availability to Healthcare:
    At Direct Remedy we have no barriers to proving quality care. We provide access to state-of-the-art United States backed technology to provide convent access to quality healthcare.  If a patent can’t make it to the doctor’s office due to being homebound, or having a busy schedule, or if someone is traveling and in need of care then the Direct Remedy healthcare platform can help.

  • Easy to Use Telehealth Systems:
    The system is easy to use for both the patient and you as a provider.   With phone, PC and computer and tablet systems we make it simple to connect with patients.  We also provide in-depth specialized Electronic Health Systems (EHR) technology training.

Wellness administrative services include:

// United States HIPAA compliant technology

// Patient Data Collection Interface

// Live Video Consultations

// FIPS 140-2 Encryption

// Telehealth Training Program 

// Clinical Enterprise Systems Integration