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Direct Remedy is delivering quality healthcare by providing phone and video based Telehealth services using Unites States backed and supported Electronic Health Records (EHR) software services.   We are looking for the right partners to help us increase awareness and to help us continue to provide quality healthcare throughout the region. 

  • Insurance Providers and Associations
    Deploying a virtual care plan can provide substantial cost savings and offer extended 24/7 access to quality care for your covered members.  Direct Remedy offers access to affordable virtual care at a fraction of the cost to a normal brick and mortar doctor visit.   Our Electronic Health Records (EHR) software provides 24/7 access enabling delivery of convenient and secure care.

  • Employers
    Employee groups form small and large can now offer affordable virtual care plans to its employees and staff members using our easy to enroll employee benefit systems.   Employee benefit plans will help your employees and their families stay happy and healthy and will increase your companies work productivity.

  • Medical Practices and Hospital Groups
    Our Electronic Health records (EHR) platform can be customized to your needs and provides security and support to extend virtual care to your patients 24/7.    Our software as a service (SaaS) platform was designed specifically for virtual Telehealth systems and enables convenient and secure care to your patients via phone, PC or tablets.

  • Agents and Resellers
    Are you looking to market and promote Telehealth services?  Our agent and reseller programs offer great opportunities to develop long term sustainable growth earnings in the healthcare marketplace.  We are looking for top channel partners and companies to join our agent and reseller family.

Wellness administrative services include:

// United States HIPAA compliant technology

// Patient Data Collection Interface

// Live Video Consultations

// FIPS 140-2 Encryption

// Telehealth Training Program 

// Clinical Enterprise Systems Integration