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Turnkey Solution

In just a day, we can implement DirectRemedy. All you need to do is provide us with patient information, and we then enter those details into the system.

HIPAA Compliant

Our servers are in a telco-class HIPAA compliant data center offering FIPS 140-2 encryption standards and support for all browsers and iOS and Android devices.

Virtual Consultation

Direct Remedy HD video conferencing integrates seamlessly, is completely scalable, and there is zero infrastructure, setup or maintenance cost.

U.S. Board-Certified MD's

All Direct Remedy doctors are U.S. board-certified in internal medicine, pediatrics, and family medicine and credentialed every 3 years with NCQA certified, provider-credentialing standards.

Welcome to Direct Remedy

Direct Remedy provides comprehensive telehealth solutions you and your members can feel good about.


Within the ever-changing healthcare landscape, organizations are spending significant resources to enroll new members and drive utilization of these cost savings programs. Many rely on traditional communication channels such as direct mail, print, radio and even email, all of which are difficult to scale and don’t provide immediate results. In addition, the expense of these outreach efforts often outweighs the response. With texting the preferred communication channel for younger people and ethnic groups, developing a mobile-first strategy is key.

At Direct Remedy we realize patients are tired of dealing with IVRs – they are time consuming, cumbersome and in general not the best way to engage and take care of your employees. Given the ubiquitous nature of mobile phones combined with the fact that 99% of SMS messages are opened within the first 5 minutes of receiving it (compared with 20% of emails) MedSymphony takes a 21st century approach to employee engagement strategies.

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Employers recognize the benefits of offering telehealth to reduce medical costs, save employees time, and improve access to care. It’s not surprising that 70% of all large employers will offer telehealth to their employees by the end of 2017. Brokers can easily offer Direct Remedy to their employers, powered by an industry leader in telehealth services.

Direct Remedy is always looking for new consultants and brokers to represent our us in the rapidly evolving space of Telehealth. Our proprietary state-of-the-art technology, real time reporting and administrative portal, we are convinced that your involvement with direct Remedy will be meaningful.

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Resellers & TPA/PEO

There are many factors contributing to the popularity and increasing demand for more convenient, affordable healthcare including physician availability, long wait times for appointments, consumer demand and the surge of growth in smart phones and other technologies.

Regardless of what industries, segments or group sizes you serve, Direct Remedy can help you stand out from the crowd and gain a competitive edge with telehealth, the fastest growing sector in healthcare. We’ve got the tools and project teams to accommodate a streamlined implementation any time of the year.

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Direct Remedy is a full service telemedicine company and we have opportunities in telemedicine for qualified physicians. Provided you have a computer, webcam, microphone and a reasonably fast internet connection you can work and earn money from anywhere.

Our HIPAA compliant EHR is easy to use and most telemedicine consults take less than 10 minutes to complete. We do our ePrescribing through SureScripts and lab ordering is done electronically as well minimizing pre-auth and form filing.

If you think you qualify and would like to participate in the telemedicine space we encourage you to contact us.

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