Direct Remedy provides 24/7 access to board certified physicians – from Family Medicine to Pediatrics, we’ve got you covered. Our high tech high touch philosophy combines state of the art HIPAA compliant HD video conferencing with physicians who have an average of 10 years of experience, offering the employees the best possible care. With our average response times of less than 15 minutes patients no longer have to think about driving to the nearest urgent care center or ER room after 5 just to sit around for an hour waiting to spend 5 minutes with a doctor when 95% of the time the patient knows what the problem is anyway


Why Direct Remedy?

Simple – given the benefits of telemedicine above and the inevitable ubiquitous use of telemedicine over the next 3 to 5 years it’s just a question of which telemedicine provider you want to partner with.

  • Your clients have access to over 5,000 board certified physicians
  • Response times are typically less than 15 minutes
  • We leverage mobile engagement strategies to drive utilization ensuring solid ROI – see below
  • And best of all – you will earn the best commissions in the industry and it’s all recurring revenue
  • The HouseCalls sm mobile health platform gives the Broker or Dealer a foot into the rapidly growing healthcare segment. It is easily bundled with all things health related, or even used as a way to make the sub-prime market a little stickier.

Driving ROI Through Better Engagement

Within the ever-changing healthcare landscape, organizations are spending significant resources to enroll new members and drive utilization of these cost savings programs. Many rely on traditional communication channels such as direct mail, print, radio and even email, all of which are difficult to scale and don’t provide immediate results. In addition, the expense of these outreach efforts often outweighs the response. With texting the preferred communication channel for younger people and ethnic groups, developing a mobile-first strategy is key.

At Direct Remedy we realize patients are tired of dealing with IVRs – they are time consuming, cumbersome and in general not the best way to engage and take care of your employees. Given the ubiquitous nature of mobile phones combined with the fact that 99% of SMS messages are opened within the first 5 minutes of receiving it (compared with 20% of emails) Direct Remedy takes a 21st century approach to employee engagement strategies.

By encouraging the employees to use our mobile app to request a consult with one of our board certified physicians they can completely bypass the call center and typically create a consult in less than one minute. We drive as much inefficiency out of the process as possible by sending scheduling SMS notices directly to the employees mobile phone (and Mac or PC) when the physician is ready to start the consult.

Through our Mobile Engagement Platform we drive better engagement through targeted SMS messages directly to your employees’ devices. These timely engaging messages encourage the employee to take advantage of the program highlighting the benefits, ease and cost savings associated with it. When combined with a rewards program we will work with the employer to drive engagement ensuring a better return on your investment.

Rx for More Effective Communications

By using the mobile channel as part of your employee engagement strategies, employers can connect to their employees in a more personal, effective way. Employers can quickly and inexpensively send mobile messages that educate employees, plus promote and invoke behavior that leads to healthier lifestyles. All of which ultimately leads to lower healthcare costs. Mobile messaging enables healthcare organizations to:

  • Enroll more new members by reaching out to specific audiences with targeted messaging
  • Promote healthier living through illness prevention tips and nutrition and fitness advice
  • Provide ongoing service through welcome calls, appointment reminders and health surveys
  • Drive change in the community via outreach programs with local partner organizations
  • Create a seamless employer experience using a preferred communication channel
  • No Doubt About It

By now the benefits of telemedicine are well documented. According to an Alliance for Connected Care study, telehealth visits have the potential to save the healthcare system more than $100 per visit. Researchers explain traditional office visits average a cost of $136 to $176, but virtual visits via telemedicine range in cost from $40 to $50 per visit.

“Assuming that a telehealth visit costs approximately $50/visit, the estimated savings per commercial telehealth visit are $126,” explains the report. “In Medicare, where telehealth visits are reimbursed at the same rate as in person care, savings would still be realized from replacing in person care with telehealth visits where appropriate. In fact, replacing in-person acute care services with telehealth visits reimbursed at the same rate as a doctor’s office visit could save the Medicare program an estimated $45 per visit.”

At Direct Remedy our consult fee is just $30 so the savings are typically more than $100.

The average number of telehealth visits per patient is 1.3 per year. Modern Healthcare reports 5.6 percent of patients who used the virtual visits would otherwise have gone to an emergency department while 45.8 percent to urgent care. Another 30.9 percent would have opted for office visits and about 12 of patients would simply have done nothing.

Eighty-three percent of conditions were resolved by a virtual visit. The most common diagnoses made during a telehealth visit are sinusitis, followed by cold/flu/pertussis and urinary tract infections. Only 10 percent of patients required an emergency department referral, and 17 percent went for an office visit.

There is no doubt about it – telemedicine has a clear documented ROI for employers. So it’s not a question of if but when all employers will include a telemedicine benefit for their employees. As a benefits broker, if you don’t have a telemedicine solution in your package you will lose the business to someone else who does.